Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chess, a double edged sword.

Chess is incredibly intense. I have seen beginners entering this environment play a one day rapid event and be knocked out for days. The passion in this game is astonishing. I don't think many other environments come close in intensity. So what I am saying is that we must be careful. This intensity can produce diamonds or it can lead to damage.


  1. R,
    Agreed with you.

    We must teach our young ones two things;
    1. To be a gracious victor, with modesty, not gloat.
    2. How to cope with a loss ; as chess starts and ends with 1 game. Another game, another chance.

  2. Hi Abdooss, Good points. One of the first thing I taught Mark right at the beginning is to always shake the hands of the opponent before the start and at the end of a game. It can be difficult at first especially after a disappointing loss but learning to take personal responsibility for the loss rather than throwing a tantrum is the beginning of building good character.

  3. Btw, thank you for introducing yourself the other day. I had many things running through my head at the time. :)