Friday, June 3, 2011

How to win?

Big question. I remember a conference I attended many years back on change. I noticed a participant on my left who wrote on her note pad. She wrote, I need to change but what and how? A few years back when Sumant first came to my house, I asked him what he did in training to improve? Sumant has always been one of our Stars but he always fell short in the big events. He told me, he didn't know what to do anymore to improve. Hmmmmm, that set my mind in motion.

And now a few years later, I am offering a solution. So Jimmy and friends, no, I am not charging Sumant for our services. I do not charge for a system still being debugged. I am returning a good deed that Sumant did for us those couple of years back. Something I don't think you'll understand.

Winning is a mindset. You can have the technical; the talent but if you do not have the mindset you cannot win. If we want our boys and girls to take on the giants then we must show them how to win. Technical superiority can only win against weaker players who do not yet have the knowledge. We cannot rely on this tool if we are going against technical equals and technical superiors.

In this day and age where information, training methods etc etc are freely available on the net, hording information doesn't cut it anymore. And cheating wont go far.

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