Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What happens when you drive the car with one leg on the accelerator,

And the other on the brakes? The wheels spin round and round on the same spot, yes?

I think we can all agree that we are fed-up of not doing well in the International Arena after 12yo. I think we are all also fed-up of the excuses. I think we also know that there is a lot of work left to be done and we are not going to change our fortunes overnight.

So let me go back again to the big picture so we can see where we are. We have a National body called MCF. They are mandated by MSN and OCM to further chess in Malaysia. That is why MCF exists. They are supposed to regulate events in Malaysia to further Malaysian Chess Interests.

So we see that we have now got selection for SEA games. Finally after all these years! We also had the first sponsored training for our Juniors for Asean last year and sanctioned by MCF. New responsible officials are coming to the forefront to help start a new culture. All of these things take time and energy to formulate and take off.

FGM started the Thematics to address a problem that we see our players are facing. The lack of high level testing of their openings before usage in International Tournaments. For the thematics to work as it should, it cannot be open to beginners. So there is very little income for the organisers as only a few players will be eligible. This means sponsorship is essential.

Look carefully. Are these positive steps forward? Is that the leg on the accelerator?

So where are the brakes that will keep us in the same place? Extremely high Tournament fees for International Tournaments in Malaysia. Beyond the means of already heavily taxed Malaysian parents of junior national players.

Sabotage of the only training program that was available to the Juniors before National Representation. Attacking the sponsors and their supporters. Even the bloggers are not spared. Anything that is tried to improve and move forward is attacked and sabotaged for the most twisted of reasons.

To move forward we need to take the brakes off.

So work out for yourself where the accelerator is and where the brakes are. Dont let the lies and twisted reasoning work. See clearly where we want to go and support steps in that direction. Be careful, the brakes are telling you that it is the accelerator. Dont be fooled.

Now we have no training for the Juniors and they are trying to tell you that they did it for the good of chess. Now there is no sponsored flights for the parents and officials and they tell you they have done a good job in preventing the destruction of chess in Malaysia.

Decide for yourself and decide where you stand on these issues. Stay on the fence and these people will take you back to the "good" old days. Is the evidence clearer now? Or would you need a total reversal of our small progress before you can decide? So take sides. What is wrong with that? Use the accelerator or use the brakes but dont stay on the fence and just whine and criticize.

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