Friday, June 24, 2011

Questions on the Thematics.

Some questions were asked about the Thematics in the comments here.

Let me try to give you some background to the FGM Thematics. I structured the thematic training tournaments after observing in our last National Close that our stronger players needed a Tournament to help them condition their stamina. Some of them were starting to reel towards the later rounds. Therefore I decided to limit entry in the thematics to stronger players to give them a good workout.

The other reason came from observing our players in International Tournaments where I felt that our players will benefit from practicing a line against many different opponents to give them a more solid grounding in their openings.

I will also talk on competitor analysis but this talk will be more relevant for tournament players that are striving to move ahead. With greater understanding of competitor analysis, questions like how come I keep losing to one player when someone that I usually beat can beat that same player etc. will become clearer.

It is my hope that the thematics will contribute to points across the board to our players playing at the Malaysian and KL Open.

This will be my last post till after the weekend. See those of you who can make it to the Thematics this weekend at Jax's. All my best in your chess development.

For more details visit here.

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