Thursday, June 9, 2011

Taking a few days off from the blog.

Will be taking a few days off to explore other ideas. I hope you will keep visiting and reading the articles here in the meantime. Look at this one again. Here.

This was what started my journey to finding the answers to that first gm. And it has been an interesting journey indeed. I started out being Wowed by the passion and energy our young players have. All that potential if that energy could only be guided. What cant they do with such passion. And as I watch them grow up and I have been in chess for 8 years now, I see the fire slowly die out for the vast majority.

And not just in chess either. As some of our Juniors have commented here, they begin to lack discipline etc. etc.

So in this blog, I have tried to find the answers to the malady. And I think you will see some of them here too if you care to look.


  1. R,

    You need to know this - about FIDE Presidents's game of chess with Gaddafi & son last week - he used the Sicilian opening ;

    whats the significant of this to chess? maybe Ilyumzhinov was trying to knock in some senses into Gaddafi's head, using chess.

  2. I am not sure if the PR stunt put chess in a good light.