Saturday, June 18, 2011

A quick review.

Wow, just realised that I have spent 9 days in KL. Exhausting to say the least. In these 9 days I have met many many old friends; former national players in squash, golf etc. Other mind sport players in bridge. There is the Asia Pacific Bridge Tournament going on now in OCM. I have met corporate figures, politicians and ex politicians.

From the feedback all round I am more convinced than ever that good competitor analysis is the way forward.

Let me try and define the word "loser" here. To me it doesn't mean that a loss or more makes you a loser. To me what that word means is that you have quit from facing current reality. From facing todays challenge. You have crawled into a corner and started making excuses, started creating fantastic stories to defend your failures. And so you have moved from having had a few losses to becoming a loser.

Competitor analysis helps us to face current realities. Measure yourself and your opponents, see the gap and then find ways and means to close that gap. And realise that this gap will not be closed in a day. It will take time and effort but if we do this and do this well we will see that GM.

Stop tearing down others just because you yourself have quit. Do this and we will move forward again. FGM have deviced the Thematics to help us close that gap. Hopefully this will help us gain a few points across the board in Malaysia Open and KL Open.

Will talk more over the next few days but right now I need a little more rest. So work hard and smart and I'll see you at the top.

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