Thursday, June 2, 2011

Asian Junior

The first round begins at 4pm. The players list just came out but we are not sure of the pairing yet. This makes it very difficult to prepare. Funny thing. U20 and only 13 players. Mainly from Sri Lanka and India. One Malaysian and two from UAE.

Even in Asian Youth we had the players list one week before we went to Subic. At least then we have an idea of the players and do some preliminary preparation. Which weapons to sharpen?

So we are guessing who the first round opponent will be. Hope we guess right and in both colours. This is a good learning experience. For the players who are not involved in MSSM, lets do this. Go to Chess Results and see the players list. Go to your database and look at those players games. Question. Do you have the tools to win if you are playing? One player we observed was only a 2100 last year. Now he is a 2300. So you can do this too.

At my Thematic I will talk about what else you have to look out for. Enjoy this experiment. Imagine you are Sumant, playing there. But look at your own tools, your own weapons. This will be a good exercise for those going to Malaysia Open. Practice makes perfect. Good luck.

ps: I hear Andrew will be posting up some results. I wont be so check out gilachess for it.


  1. no need to guess. fairly certain his opponent is krishna with sumant playing black.

  2. We think so too if top seed is automatically white. But thanks for the heads up.