Thursday, July 4, 2013

Feedback from Syuen.

During the Syuen tournament many parents came up to me to ask me questions about this post I wrote. Ref: Here.

And so there were many enquiries about the Thematics I organised in 2011. Ref: here.

I spent a great deal of time during Syuen explaining how the Thematics work and why they are essential for us to progress faster as well as why FGM decided to abort trying to do anymore. It's all here on this blog if you care to look back. Basically we got tired of Jimmy and party attacking us, our players and sponsors and MCF doing nothing to protect our interests.

But since there is such a strong call to bring back the Thematics this time, I have spent the last few days talking to my supporters to see if they are still interested to support this effort again. So far the response is positive.

So I really hope that we will not face these problems again. Ref: Here. The job of MCF and the State Associations is to do grassroots work, to do National events and State events. More importantly it is there to provide an environment and a level playing field where private entities can come in to provide value added services.

Recently we heard more stories of people using the authority of MCF to attack other private organisers ref: here. But I also hear that this time there are good people within MCF who are pushing for the end of the abuse of power in our Associations. So there is hope yet.

I ask you my readers to consider this. How much time have we lost because of these people's attempt to sabotage Malaysian chess? Would we have been able to mount a better challenge to a Malaysian player trained in China if the Thematics were not sabotaged? Water under the bridge now right? I ask you to look back and recognise the struggle taken up by FGM and others to even bring us selection. Do you recall what had happened over the last few years? Do you remember what it was like before; when our senior players represented our Country without selection? When it was all back doors and selection by PR campaigns?

So continue to support change for the better. I will come back to you shortly with news of the next Thematics.

Meanwhile we will be playing in Penang this weekend at New World. See you guys there.

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