Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Response to "What is MCF?"

Ref: Here.

I understand that there is now a move for an EGM to elect a new President. But my understanding is that it is because of the pressure from the State Associations requesting for one. So this explanation may not be very accurate. Ref: Here.

I am not going to split hairs with Eddy about whether MCF is an NGO or a "NSF". Ref: Here. For the readers who really want to know the technical difference, if any, google NGO's and look at the very broad and detailed definitions.

I believe the major difference in opinion from the largely 2 camps within MCF now is whether MCF should govern fairly and be impartial to all members of the chess community including private organisers/coaches and trainers or should MCF be used by select organisers/coaches and trainers to suppress certain private initiatives to give unfair advantage to the "players" which have the "MCF official's" support as per past practices.

That is the crux of the struggle today. And even the parents are split on this. I suppose those that have the inside track would support the continuation of the abuse of MCF authority and those that want their children to learn how to achieve their own goals via their own effort alone in clean competition and from a level playing field, would oppose.

That is what is at stake now.

For negative evidence I would ask you to look at what happened to Jimmy's game as an example of when the authority of MCF is abused and healthy competition is taken away from chess.

For positive evidence it may be wise for us to look at the example of Aron Teh. Ref: Here.

FGM is now working hard to try to re-introduce our Thematics so I sincerely hope we will see the end of the abuse of power to sabotage any further private initiatives.

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