Thursday, July 18, 2013

There is no game without establishing the rules.

You may think that what I am saying is obvious, especially in a mind sport like chess. But this may not be the case. Consider this. Some may say that the President of MCF has carte blanche powers and does not need to consult the Council. Some may say that the Council members are the elected officials at the AGM mandated by the States and so only the full and elected Council are the ones with the authority and the President only has casting vote.

Consider this also. Some may say that fat numbers show the strongest players. Others may say that just a PR campaign is enough. And yet others say that the strongest players are the ones that win in a selection no matter what their numbers are at that time.

So there can be many opinions. Some may think they are playing normal chess and their opponents think they are playing losers chess. So who won the contest?

Clearly the rules need to be established. Otherwise chess will only be the cowboy's game in Malaysia. That is the first thing we need to set right. And only after that can we progress.

Are you seeing it now? Why we have been spinning our wheels in all these dramas while our neighbours are moving further and further away in terms of playing strength, skill and knowledge.

I think it will shortly become apparent why I am saying this now.

Do read this as well. Here.

All my best for Malaysian chess.

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