Sunday, July 28, 2013

The MCF Story, from AGM to EGM. Part 2.

Part 1. Here.

Directly after the AGM, I had a long conversation with one of the elected Council member and we reached an agreement. We both agreed that there were many things wrong with MCF and change was needed. And we also agreed that MCF needed time to make those changes. So I agreed not to write about the many things I was still hearing about so long as effort was put in to correct them.

And so I decided to continue to place my trust in the process again and when there were attempts to block Mark's entry to the National Close, I didn't write about it. I went through the proper channels and the issue was resolved. In my mind that was a small sign of positive development.

Then I heard that Peter Long tried to block Zuhri from going to Asean and then tried to withold the refund due him from World Youth to the sum of RM10,000. And that too was resolved which demonstrated that there are some people in MCF with a sense of right and wrong.

Then I heard that Peter wrote to Datcc to ask them to submit a whole host of information about Datcc to KLCA in order to continue to organise in KL. The killer wordings so I am told, was that he injected words to the effect that even if all was in order and Datcc is duly and legally registered, KLCA may still bar Datcc on the grounds of whether Peter gets along with the organiser or not. This was a whammy since there is nobody in any of the divides/camps that gets along with Peter or that Peter likes. Then I heard that a number of organisers in KL chose not to organise events anymore etc etc.

On an almost daily basis or so it seems I hear of something or another about Peter and his antics. Now the point is this. Whether it is 100% true or not those are the stories floating around and this affects perception. Perhaps there were some exaggerations, perhaps not but still the net effect was that MCF could not settle down and start solving 30 plus year old problems simply because new ones were created almost everyday.

By and large MCF was reduced to fire fighting instead of looking into many pressing issues that needed attention. But MCF still remained functioning in a manner but something else is happening is it not? How do you think Zuhri felt when they tried to bar him from going to Asean with his very young son and not return his money promptly as was due to him? What do you think the organisers, who had been working hard to keep KL in the fight when KLCA did not function for all those years, felt about those conditions to Datcc?

Where would all those fanned up angry energy go to? Peter keeps rubbing more salt into old wounds. But things were still barely in balance although there were still talk of an EGM here and there. However there was still not enough energy in the people who had fought hard to get a contest into the AGM to get back into the fight again. Basically we were all tired and just wanted to go back to developing our chess and business. And so we left the responsibility to the people who were now inside the new MCF to get their job done.

And so I didn't write about the many many events that people were telling me as agreed with the Council member. Then came the tsunami. Somebody in their "wisdom" decided to ban Kedah. As far as I can see this became the tipping point. Suddenly everyone who had just previously wanted to get on with their lifes became super riled up again. And then the States responded with the petition.

The collective wisdom of MCF has failed. They now seem to be on a self destruct path, likening to the personality of Peter Long. And so we are now in crisis yet again.

What I now see in the new developments is that people who were sidelined from MCF for good reasons during the AGM are now using this opportunity to make a come back. So is this EGM going to be a good thing? I am not so sure. The author of X-pose has never in the time that I have known him, stood on principle. Go back to the history of his previous stand on issues from his blog. Why the sudden reversal in position now?

In my next part I will ask many questions that I think needs to be answered before we jump into an EGM. Otherwise the EGM may just bring us right back to the dark ages again if we are not careful.

Next: What actually went wrong and who was responsible?

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