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The MCF story, from AGM to EGM. Final part.

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The calls for the EGM is getting more strident and this call is lead on the blogs by X-pose. Here.

I started writing this series by saying that the EGM may not be a good thing if we are not careful. Let me explain further here. But first let us stop and have a good look at where we are right now. But to see it better, lets start from the time that Greg became Secretary of MCF in 2009. Was anything good done by Greg during his time? Did he not bring in written selection for the Juniors? Was that not a step forward from the previous administration? So yes there was a small step forward.

But we still faced sabotage of private initiatives by officials within MCF. We still faced lies and character assasination spread on the blogs by certain anonymous people lead by Jimmy and supported by Peter and Eddy Fong (author of X-pose). And we still faced back door entries into the senior squad and allegations of financial irregularities.

And so came the revolt at the last AGM.

The question that I am going to ask you now is if there has been any improvements since the AGM? Are we not having more events, bigger events now? More International participation? Have we not seen the ending of banning of players without grounds and the coming in of selection for the senior squad? Not perfect yes but still another step forward is it not?

So the EGM should be meant to take us forward yet again isn't it? Not backwards surely. And for that to happen we need MCF to become more professional and not less. Agreed?

So let me tell you what I checked out during the few days I took off from writing. When X-pose first came up with the article on the coming EGM, I called Zuhri when he was in Singapore and asked him about the article and he didn't even know who Eddy was. I then checked with one of his helpers and he also said that he did not pass any information to Eddy. Now why is this important? Where is Eddy getting his information from? And who's agenda and opinion is he forwarding?

Do you recall the attacks on FGM lead by Jimmy? All those lies spread to attack the training by a GM for our kids and to stop the thematics which is similar to the training that Aron Teh receives in China. Today I am receiving poison letters that is attacking the character of Dato Seri Santhara. Does it not look like the toxic people are back and they are on both divides? (Inside MCF or wanting to get back inside).

So what should this EGM bring in if we are really looking for improvement? Should it not be based on issues instead of personal attacks? Yes, MCF has improved since the AGM but we are still not looking at how to compete with our neighbours. How to better ourselves. We just have bigger events with more prize money. And we now have selection for the senior squad although the criteria needs to be better too. And there are still many many things left unresolved.

Let us look at the motions again for the EGM to see what I mean about being professional. Here.

We need to focus on issues and not personal likes and dislikes if this EGM is to bring us forward. Can you see that only motion 1 has any basis? The deputy President was unchallenged and he won fair and square. So why the vote of no confidence against him now? Let me hazard a guess here. It is simply because of the intense dislike for Peter. No matter what he does, right or wrong some people will always be against him. Ref: Here. This is wrong. And if we continue to make decisions like this we will never progress. I feel I can say this because I too was the subject of Peter's incessant attacks and character assasination and he banned my son without any grounds did he not?

So Peter should just have been contained by the Council. It was in the Councils power to stop him. Either not let him in or curtail his "authority". But the Council failed in it's job and now some people want to lay that blame on Dato Seri. That is also wrong. Ref: Here. (Yes, the poison letter seems to have originated from someone within the Council).

Note: I don't think it is necessary to publish the poison letter so the link above is just a little message to the person who penned it.

The President recommends his choice of appointees to the Council and then the Council approves or not approve. So why need the other motions? If there is a new President then there will be new recommendations; does it not follow?

So the only motion that has any basis is the one on the contest for the Presidency. And Zuhri has called in the arbiter, COS. So this contest does not involve anyone else except COS and the State Affiliates.

However with the entry of the toxic people yet again they have now managed to pit Zuhri against both Tan Sri and Dato Seri Santhara. This further confuses the issue when what we need is more clarity.

So the motions are flawed and hides hidden agendas. Personally I think the appeal to COS is a good thing. When that happens we are sending a clear signal to our players and the rest of the chess community that proper appeals is a good thing when you feel the rules have been infringed. And you cannot be banned for calling in the arbiter. But lets not whack the other players while we are doing it. This appeal is about the election of the President and nothing else. So let the arbiter do his job and then the States vote in the President that they really want according to the rules. And then we all accept the results and settle down to work hard to bring Malaysian chess to where we deserve to be.

Note: If we use the methods of Jimmy, Peter and Eddy we will all become just like them and we will never be able to improve. The rest of MCF's history will be about knocking out people we do not like and replacing one "gang" with another. And all our efforts will be washed down the drain. That is the lesson we must learn in order to move forward. It must be about issues and not personalities. And if you pardon my french, the Council also needs to grow some balls.

Don't make this about hate but about improvement and a stronger Malaysia in chess. Do it for the players, the kids and for the love of chess. 

Thank you for your time and for allowing me the chance to express my opinion about the EGM here. I am a member of the chess community and I too have contributed my part towards improvement in Malaysian chess.

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