Monday, July 15, 2013

Trapped energies and potential.

I hope it is apparent to us all now that without change in MCF, we will be unable to progress. If we had used GM Ziaur properly things may be different today. If we had not allowed Jimmy and party to stop the training of our Juniors before International representation, things may be different today. If the thematics had been allowed to continue we may have seen different results at our last National Close.

MCF needs to govern fairly to all in the chess community. They cannot use the authority to protect their selfish business interests and their players via back doors and PR campaigns.

If this change does not come then all the effort of the State Associations to develop their players, all the private initiatives from those outside of MCF will come to nothing. All the energies and potential will be trapped.

This is what has been happening for 30 plus years and still the struggle within MCF today. Lets change our fortunes once and for all and leave the past behind us. Let us try to get a properly functioning MCF.

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