Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our boy's in Kazan.

Ref: Here.

When I look at the results here, I cannot help but think... what if they had better training? We are now seeing Aron Teh jump leaps and bounds after training in China. The big big question is does the difference in results have anything to do with the training here? Ref: Here.

So why not let FGM do our Thematics when we tried to make a difference? If it doesn't work, the players will just stop coming isn't it? How would allowing FGM to continue with it's efforts make MCF look bad as was alluded on Jimmy's blog? Doesn't this type of result look much worse for MCF and begs the question what has MCF been doing for all these years? Questions, questions, questions yes? Will we ever be able to come to the right answers?

Are the right answers shown up better from the results on the table or do they come from PR campaigns?

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