Friday, July 19, 2013

Can a State be banned by the President of MCF for following due process?

The States are the source of all authority vested in MCF. And the States themselves get that authority from their member chess clubs which is populated by the players.

So does the President have carte blanche powers? Can he exercise authority beyond what is mandated to him? All he has is casting vote in case of a tie at Council deliberations. It says so in the Constitution. He cannot even bring in appointed Council members without the approval of the elected Council. That is also stated in the Constitution if anybody cares to read it.

There is a due process of appeals if any member within the structure feels that they have been unfairly treated. And both the chess clubs and the State Affiliates can appeal to COS within the law. Can they be banned for that? For following the law?

There were the questions I raised about unconstitutional sackings, about banning without grounds all those years ago. About using the authority vested in MCF to sabotage the training of the Juniors by a GM before International representation. About sabotaging thematics organised by a private entity outside of MCF. It's all the same thing. It is about the abuse of power to serve select vested interests.

A good anology is you being arrested and banned after going to the police to report a crime because they don't want you to tell anyone that a crime has been committed. If you do that then they cannot get more unsuspecting victims. If there is nothing to hide it would be a very different story would it not?

Can you now see how Malaysian chess has been sabotaged for all these years? Strong players sidelined, threatened and attacked so they do not dare to protest according to the law. Honest officials sacked without due process so that they can continue to abuse without resistance.

They are afraid of the truth and of the implementation of the law.

So let me remind you again. There is nothing wrong with our players. They are extremely talented and gifted and we have the resources to develop a GM. But there is something very seriously wrong with the way we are governed by MCF. Can we change this? Is the COS not mandated to oversee the development of Malaysian sports?

Isn't 30 plus years of failure enough wasted time? Lets continue to support those people inside and outside of MCF struggling to bring positive change to Malaysian chess. Let us not allow those very few fellas to take us back into the dark ages. Lets choose a side. Let us choose right over wrong.

Make no mistake. The small gains we have had recently have been hard fought to gain and a heavy price paid. But it can very easily be reversed if we become complacent.

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