Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Why setting up chess clubs is important.

Under the COS system as I have been informed, chess clubs can speak directly to COS in cases of disputes. So in theory, the chess clubs officials are elected by the players, then the chess club officials elect the State Officials who then go on to elect the National Officials. That is the structure.

So this is from the conversation I had with an MCF Official recently. It seems some State Associations are not facilitating for the chess clubs to vote during their AGM's. So is this a problem?

This becomes a problem if players do not form chess clubs because they feel discouraged by the attitude of the State Associations. Why? Because without the chess clubs you will have no voice. So you must form it. If the State Association then does not involve you, you can take the matter up with COS. They are in infringement of the rules and you have every right to ask COS to intervene.

But there is more to consider. If the State Association does not involve the chess clubs, then legally they have no mandate to vote at the National AGM. This is important for MCF to make a stand on. State Associations without mandate should not be allowed to vote or take office...for finally this question must be asked....Who do they represent?

Do think on this. But in the meantime form your chess clubs and get it registered with COS and the State Associations. If there is a problem, use the process to solve it. Write in to COS. You are now inside the system as a chess club.

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