Monday, October 3, 2011

What is courage?

Courage is not your ability to shout down and attempting to intimidate others. Courage is your ability to look at your fears. The ability to stare hard at reality and not be cowed. Courage is your ability to caste aside your self doubts and delusions and continue moving forward.

So you see the attack on the training for the juniors comes from fear. The personal attacks on the juniors comes from fear. The banning of a national junior without any grounds from KL Open comes from fear.

My question today is why should we be afraid of people who are so scared of the juniors doing better than them? Tell them not to waste their time and improve their chess instead. Tell them to show us what they are made of at SEA games. We will not be impressed if they try to put down the junior there. We will be impressed if they show courage fighting their peers.

ps: Another question. What would you learn from fear ridden people?

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