Friday, October 21, 2011

Paradox, Love and hate.

The "contradictionists", dualists will argue I either love you or I hate you. Either/Or.

But actually when do you hate someone? Lets look at it closer today. If you hate someone because he is richer than you, more successful than you, is it because he has something that you want? If you hate someone because he is poorer than you, is it because he has something that you lost on the way to being rich?

What am I saying? It's a paradox. Hate really doesnt exist. It is the love of something in someone else that you cannot have; am not willing to pay the price to get it. Hate is misdirected love.

Not so easy to see. But think of someone that you think you "hate". Look closely at it. Ask this question. What is it that he has I want so much that I am willing to hate him? What is it that I love so much that I cannot have if I am willing to pay the price?

If you keep asking this question over and over again, you will find you will have less and less to hate. And you will have learnt more and more about responsibility and accountability.

So in reality we have love/hate. Both/And. Different sides of the same thing, same coin. Hate is just misdirected love. So hate does not exist, it's just that I love something else more. A paradox, no.


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