Monday, October 3, 2011

On respect.

At UTP, there was a lightening of the atmosphere. Gone was some of the suspicions and dark clouds at Datmo. I think this is because many people are finally seeing Jimmy for who he really is. One parent even made a joke about me "taking down" or "exposing" him.

Actually that was not my intention. I just felt that someone had to write about his rampage of destruction only to serve his ego. Right at the beginning of our interaction, I reminded him that as our first IM, he needed to set an example.

Most of us have a moral compass. We don't or at least we try not to lie, to attack the kids etc. But that compass is sadly lacking with him and his toyols.

His recent role in attacking the only training program for the juniors etc. etc. etc. etc. and etc. will soon cloud all his past achievements if he is not careful. I said to the parent. It's not that we don't want to respect him. It's just that he has done nothing worthy of respect recently. And sadly that maybe his legacy to the Malaysian chess world unless he changes.

Malaysian chess badly needs a hero. A fighter we can all look up to. At least Mas, Yee Weng and Mok have gone back into the fray and fighting again. I don't know if one of them will become that hero or maybe even all three. Each giving their best and fighting with courage and being our living example of a mental warrior. But right now all Jimmy is doing is tearing down. I hope he can change and prove us all wrong at SEA games.


  1. Sir,

    With due respect, i don't think Jimmy is as bad as what is being mention here.

  2. Dear Ilham, with equal respect I hope you will consider this. I think a problem we face is that we have been in a chess culture where we are just numbed to abuses. I even had another parent who told me at UTP, I support your arguments but please don't mention my name. Like I said, the abusers walk around in the open and the abused have to hide. Jimmy is not ashamed of all the lies he has spread, the attacks on the juniors. He actually thinks that he has the right to do things like that. It's all twisted. I hope you can try to see that.

    All my best

  3. When we first came onto the local chess scene I was puzzled at the depths of negative and cynical undercurrents. Later it was horrifying to learn that many parents were reluctant to publicly voice out to MCF or MOE or anybody involved in chess, if they felt for example, events were badly managed or there was unfairness in selection (perception or otherwise), even when it involved their own child. To me debate/voicing out concerns is healthy if done in a civilised manner. At the end of the day if we parents done protect our children, show them the right code of behaviour, who will?

  4. I think all of us have a role to foster a positive culture. The parents, officials, players and bloggers. But it begins with each of us individually accepting that responsibility. In our current climate few dare to voice up since the retribution is so virulent. So in order to have civilised discourse we need to have proper rules of conduct. For that we need guidelines from MCF. Incidences like arbitrary banning should not occur, attempts to intimidate a Malaysian contingent should not be condoned, lies and slander against sponsors not allowed etc. So each have their respective roles. And yes, parents need to show their child proper codes of conduct. Winning and losing gracefully. Respect and gratitude. But lets not wait for others to start the ball rolling. Lets start with us first. Next time you see an injustice just voice up. Do not be intimidated and let fear rule us.