Wednesday, October 26, 2011

2 types of thinking.

Ref: Here.

I am rather enjoying my new role as an observer rather than a participant in our chess dramas.

But let me share this. Sometimes I hear people say, dont think so much, relax. My answer is there are 2 types of thinking.

One type occurs in dramas. Round and round but nothing changes. Only sometimes the actors. To me this is useless thinking and I think that is generally what people mean when they ask you not to think so much. Afterall, things will stay the same. :)

The other type of thinking produces change. Solves problems. It is based on reasoning and not egos. This lead to improvements. It's the type that is based on figuring out what is blocking us. What is in the way? Then we set objectives, targets and goals. We embrace the challenge and we overcome the obstacles. To me, this type of thinking start from first confronting our fears.

My believe is that our chess success will reflect either of the 2 types of thinking that will prevail in our chess community. My 2 cents worth.

There are some insights here.

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