Monday, October 3, 2011

Report from UTP

Results: Here.

Nabil had a very convincing win against Ian Udani and then lost fairly tamely to Sumant. That prompted me to ask some of the juniors present if they think they can overtake the seniors in one or two years time. They weren't very confident that they can do it. The parents I spoke to seemed more optimistic. :)

I think it is possible but it will depend on many factors. There are some psychological factors. What we saw at SEA games selection is that the seniors are not invulnerable. If they stop competing and stop struggling to improve then it will happen sooner rather than later. With every encounter the myth of their superiority will start to diminish.

That is why selection is so important. It keeps everyone sharp and on their toes. Many of us fought hard to get selection. Gilocatur, Firey Rook, Gilachess and FGM rallied to urge MCF to support selection. We were attacked. Some officials within MCF pushed for selection. They were attacked. It got very ugly but we paid the price.

The door is now open and one junior has crossed the threshold. We need to now keep that door open so others, juniors and otherwise, can continue to strive to walk through that door.

No more priviledged positions and no more selection based on outdated or manufactured numbers. The basis of selection is your ability to win tournaments. All the numbers do is to determine your starting point. It does not reflect fighting strength.

We have started a new chapter in Malaysian chess history. It will continue to be a struggle; the rot is deep. But if we keep this up then we will see a stronger Malaysia in the chess world. The beginning was Mal/Sing on Jan 1, 2011. Lets continue to go forward and not return back to the dark old days again.

Now we are saying, if you think you are strong, no need to waive your title or numbers at us. We are not impressed. You think you are strong..... then prove it on the table. We will accept that outcome.

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