Sunday, October 16, 2011

True strength comes from freeing.

The need for excessive control comes from fear, mistrust. This act is self limiting. True strength comes from freeing. By allowing the other to be the best they can be. By allowing MCF to be the organisation it can be with proper guidelines and rules; by allowing the players to express their creativity by exploring new knowledge; by allowing the organisers to be the best they can be and earn what they deserve; by allowing the trainers and coaches to express themselves by improving their skills and thus their value etc. etc.

I suggest the benchmark should be International in nature since that is where the GM will come. For us to get the true measure of the gap we need to first look at ourselves honestly. Where we truly are vis-a-vis the rest of the chess world.

Looking to only blame the other by hiding and denying our shortcomings will only keep us in the backwaters for years more to come.

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