Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Discussion on training.

I also had the opportunity at UTP to discuss with Greg and other parents on training.

This is the gist of the discussion. I said we have loads of tournaments now. In November we will have the Asian Amateur in KL. This will be followed by Penang Open, Sarawak Open, National Junior. And to end the year there is the Singapore chess festival. Following that we have another International Tournament in Malacca in January.

We now have selection which means that in time players will focus more on winning tournaments than on increasing their ratings. Both routes have deep implications.

Now comes the crux again. We need to complete the steps to unleash the potential of all the other initiatives. There is little point in our players playing only to lose in an International field. At the time of the tournaments what skills they have will be all that they have. It's the training before, that will make the difference.

So now we come back to why Jimmy's orchestration of the attack on the training for the juniors for Asean 2010 was so destructive. For whatever reasons he and his friends wanted it stopped. Lies were spread despite evidence published to the contrary. I postulate the reasons are they do not want the juniors trained by a GM. I postulate that the reason is because they do not want that glass ceiling broken.

The Thematics were another step. Training tournaments. There are many benefits which is too long to list here. Again this is attacked. And again I postulate the reason is because somebody wants to protect that glass ceiling.

Sumant and LZR attending FGM training for SEA games selection. Both boys were attacked till they disavowed any relationship to FGM. This is Jimmy's proof. Ref: here.

If you go back to the post on their attendance at my training, you will see that all I said was they attended the training. Not that they were FGM's student. But actually both had signed up with FGM. I have the documentation for this. But never mind.

So I suggest that all Jimmy has proven is that he can intimidate them.

This is the current problem we have for training. Players cannot freely choose. So now you can also see the real reason for the banning of players without grounds. Anyone who is a threat to breaking through that glass ceiling is attacked. All sorts of psycho attacks is orchestrated.

Until this culture is changed and the Academies compete on who has the better system for training and the players can choose for themselves which system they prefer without penalty, I suggest we will be giving away the prizes to players who come from an environment where they are properly trained to compete.

As for the match fixing that Jimmy accuses Mark of, that is another whole can of worms. But I wont talk about it right this moment. What I will say now is that I was not present during the game. I was informed and I supported the arbiters decision without hesitation.

Note: Sumant made it through selection for SEA games with our training and support. Mark made U12 and U18 Perak Champion and is currently both U18 and U20 number 2 at National level with my methods. Apart from that I make no other claims. I do not want to add or subtract anything.

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