Sunday, October 9, 2011

Let the board be the final arbiter.

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Of course the lies will never end. If you read this you will see why. Inner child.

You may have noticed that I never said that it was Jimmy who attacked Zhuo Ren in any of my postings. What I said was that in posting that email, he was also culpable. You may have also read what I said about the stockholm syndrome and its implications. Go back to the posts if you need a refresher. Those who see will see and those who don't won't.

Actually the truth is all in front of us and the drama is unfolding day by day. So I will say this. If Jimmy holds the truth then we will see it on the board at SEA games. If what he has been doing is to build LZR and Sumant (by "exposing" me on the rubbish I said about joining the dots, the importance of training and discipline etc etc), then we will see the both of them going from strength to strength.

I like what Ilham said. In the cuban missile crisis we had the picture, I propose that in chess we have the board.

I will hazard a prediction here. I believe that since we now have selection, we will begin to see the end of the rot. I predict that if we can now find a way to bring back the training for the juniors, the training tournaments, like what FGM initiated, we will eventually have stronger and stronger players. And in time the first GM will come.

And so I will now leave the topic of Jimmy and friends on this blog. Here I want to thank Jimmy for his time in instructing us on how to lie and twist the facts. How to intimidate and to tear down. It has been instructional. I hope the readers here have learnt as much as I have.

ps: I believe in time more will look back at this and see how the negative culture of psycho attacks perpetuated by Jimmy and friends on our own players have kept us from moving forward for so many years. We have been live witnesses in real time on how his methods is used to break our own players. I also want to thank you for your time in following my blog through this difficult process too.

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