Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The beginnings of a Team?

The joining of like minded individuals within a framework, such that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The players job is to play chess. I see my role as the manager is to ensure that my players have the resources to go the distance, to protect their interests in dealings with other organisations. My role as Coach is to look after the mental wellbeing of my players. To help them rise above their trials and tribulations so that they are able to come back and compete stronger and stronger. And in finality to develop into well rounded individuals of good character.

But there was still an important missing link. Until recently, we relied heavily on online videos and sites to develop our technical knowledge. I have found it difficult to find the right technical expert who believes in FGM's philosophy of nurturing the players, of building their self esteem and confidence and yet increasing their knowledge at the same time.

We may have found just that expert in the GM who we are now working with. I have been sitting in on the classes and I am getting a good feeling about this GM. Although it is early days yet, I feel he has already added value to the team.

Our first testing as a new team will be at the Malaysian Open. One step at a time. I hope this will be just the beginning of a winning combination.

See you guys at Datmo. All my best to the players and competitors.

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