Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beyond the veil.

Ref: Here. Compare what he said and what was actually said. Here.

The fact that Jimmy and friends distort, lie and slander can no longer be in dispute. There are so many lies that I won't even attempt to list them. It will be a sheer waste of time. If you go back into the history, you will also find that FGM has never lead an attack on anyone but have merely defended itself. Yes, we have called for an investigation into the stories of the happenings in the Olympiads but that was just that. A request for enquiry.

What is usually more revealing isn't what is said but what is left unsaid. So lets look at that today. I ask you this question now. Which memory will serve Zhuo Ren better in Chennai? He is badly outgunned; the memory of what he achieved at National Junior or the one when he was attacked till he was forced to write that email?

The SEA games selection has already put paid to the arguments of higher rated players being the best criteria. So why is Jimmy still talking about ratings? We know that you can play tournaments just for ratings. In fact I am told that there is even a Country where you can do just that. So ratings depends on the type of tournaments you play in, the number of tournaments, your strategy in that tournament etc. It does not conclusively tell you how strong the players really are; their fighting strength.

A big clue was provided when it was reported back to me that Zhuo Ren was offered a draw from the IM's for the SEA games selection before the fight. Even more troubling was that a "deal" was made for Zhuo Ren to play at SEA games even if he loses; if he writes that email. Again I lodged a complaint. FGM has a player playing there and so we needed to be assured that the selection was fair. I informed both Greg and Najib of my feedback and action was taken to ensure that this did not take place.

In my article on NJ revisited, I mentioned that Sumant offered Mark a win. This is very common. Chess is very intense. And all sorts of temptation will be put before the players. I see my job as partly to help the players make the right decision during those moments. This is simply because that is not the way if you want to go further. Focus on the chess. If you made a mistake then take the loss like a Champion. Learn from it and go on. If you stay true to that path, you will eventually reach your goal. There are no short cuts.

So that's the players trap. To find the easy way out under intense pressure. The same goes for the parents. Our concerns for our child can also be manipulated. I see that in the Chin Seng case. I know of the inordinate power Jimmy holds over Chin Seng and Li Tian. We have spoken about it before. Anyone who knows the Yeoh family cannot help but like them. Me included. The incident in Najib's blog hasnt changed my mind about them. I know the pressures that the parents face.

Jimmy and friends are selling the short cuts. I am just saying that is not the way. The way is in helping the players develop the heart of a Champion. That is not easy but I really dont think there is another way. Look back into our chess history. The answers are there.

So there is no vindictiveness on my part. The way forward is through selection. Not going back to ratings that dont mean a thing. Those high ratings dont mean anything in an International field. Unless you earned it fighting Champions too.

That is what this is all about.

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