Sunday, August 7, 2011

It's a movie, not still frame. The unfair advantage.

Jimmy says I cannot have an opinion because I do not play chess. What he is really saying is that only "strong" players can have a say. Not the parents, managers or non playing coaches. Not the up and coming players, the aspiring players and not even MCF.

The question we have been seeking answers for is why don't we do well after 12yo in an international arena today? According to Jimmy's logic only he can give those answers. But he has provided no solutions. He has not even tried.

He attacked the first training program for the juniors. He put down suggestions to include competitor analysis.

All things work in process. So I submit that the juniors first need to overcome the glass ceiling that has been created in Malaysia. Step by step. You cannot do well internationally if you can not do well at home first. The selection for SEA games has already shown us that our juniors are not that far off vis a vis that local glass ceiling.

Now here is the challenge to Jimmy. Following your logic, I have given you a very big head start. Yes, I am not a strong chess player. And I have been in Perak for most of the time. In fact I only started going to KL regularly in late 2009. But I have started to slowly look for answers since then. And it was mainly from trial and error. But today I have developed the U18 and U20 number 2 and I have helped put a junior in the SEA games squad through selection.

So if you still think I do not know what I am talking about, I suggest you play in the Malaysian Open and show us how it's done. Talk is cheap my friend. Sabotage and lies only show your true character.

Show us how its done on the chess table. I do not play chess. So I may have been misguiding my players. And you have the advantage. You can draw from 30 years experience in chess. So why do you need to "cheat"?

Lets just meet on the chess table and you can demonstrate the error of my methods. That will be irrefutable proof. Do you still need more handicaps? Do let me know.

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