Sunday, August 14, 2011

The framework.

Datmo is just a few days ahead. And we get to test our theories again. We started out with a very basic model based on competitor analysis for National Junior in December last year. And we tested a slightly more developed model again in Asian Youth. Since then we have been following Asean and the current World Junior to see in our minds at least if the models still hold water.

Our framework has been competitor analysis. Know your opponent and know yourself.

1. At what pressure does your mind start to disassemble? How can that pressure be managed?

2. How do you handle opponents that are better calculators? How do you play against naturally intuitive players, players with better positional feel, better natural tactical players? Everyone has different giftings. No one factor determines outcome. It requires a parcel of relevant factors.

3. What is the strategy against measured weaker players, measured players around equal strength and players who are better all round?

4. We try to see if we have the right weapon for the right opponent. So we measure our playing strength for each opening, we measure our middle game and end game strength for different types of position and endings.

5. Etc. Etc.

We also realise that it takes time to work through our weaknesses and so we need to acknowledge what they are and not be afraid of it. One step at a time. And we begin our training early so if we do not have the right weapon, we can develop one in time for the competition that counts. And so we use other tournaments to track our learning, our understanding, our grasp of the strategy.

We use the thematics to develop new weapons so they can be ready for use at the right time and against the right opponent and in the right tournament.

As I have said before, openings, tactics and end game lessons in isolation has no framework. We need a framework to understand what we are doing and the direction we are heading. And that framework is competitor analysis.

Then we hire the right experts with the right specific knowledge to help us close those gaps. And I believe that in time, with the right guidance and direction, we will get to where we want to go so long as we are still willing to pay the full price for the transaction.

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