Friday, August 5, 2011

And the spin goes on.


Actually when I got the feedback on the possible fixing, the first thing I did was to call Yee Weng. And he assured me that there is no fixing on his part and he was also sure of Mas and Jimmy.

Hmmmm, but I was not so sure of Jimmy. Not after he published that email from Zhuo Ren. And I also smelled a rat.

Consider this. If Zhuo Ren went into the tournament thinking he already had an "assured" place, will he play his heart out?

The other consideration was Sumant had trained with us and I wanted him to have a fair shot. But these are all conjectures and hearsay. So what can I do? I am not the authorities. But I have a legitimate interest because FGM has a player on the field.

I believe the only reasonable course of action I can take at that point is to report this to the ones who has the authority to act. And that is Najib and Greg. Isn't that the correct way?

I don't think anyone should play judge and jury. We need to follow the protocols. And that is also why we will submit a call for enquiry to MCF on the actions of Jimmy at the right time. I am not telling MCF what they can or cannot do. I am merely reporting to the proper authorities what I feel are sufficient evidence of lies and slander. That is our right. It is for the authorities to act.

I cannot explain why Jimmy feels that is wrong. Maybe Jimmy Liew thinks that he has more authority than MCF?

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