Thursday, August 4, 2011

Let those without sin cast the first stone.

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I am glad to see that Chin Seng is the voice of reason here. I was beginning to wonder if I had badly misjudged him. Chin Seng is right, many are not even aware of their actions.

Let us look at the scenario again. These are our strongest juniors. They are where they are because they are highly competitive. And with that kind of drive and intelligence it is very easy to go wrong. The secretary of MCF was present, at least 2 other arbiters were present. And they have made the correct ruling. That is what I meant by the cooperation of all. Even the parent supported the ruling.

Right and wrong. I counselled the boys after that. I explained that what they were doing was to deprive the tournament of the right result and other players of their right position. What was needed was a firm hand of guidance. Actually months later I was to hear these 2 boys explain all this to another junior. And the other junior also said that he was not aware that he was robbing others of their rightful place.

Chin Seng is also right that there are others involved. Over the years, I have spoken to a few juniors on the same point. That is why I am talking openly about this. We need to be more aware and try to give proper advice and guidance. Then they will bloom into strong players.

Now if the boys had lied and tried to twist the facts or they were multiple offenders then I would have viewed it more seriously. Measured response. But our juniors are not like that. They are all good kids. They just need fair handed guidance.


Chin Seng, you did well. What I hope you can now do is to see this whole issue clearly. There is a rule of thumb that I use. If the response to any incident is over the top, there is usually something else going on. Try this. Take away Jimmy's IM title in your head. Go back into the history, the beginning. The attacks were orchestrated by him from the time FGM started the Asean initiative. Our very first initiative. See if the allegations of us cheating the parents and players carry any weight. All the evidence has been presented.

Do you now see that the attack on Sumant is just another way to muddy the waters. He has not yet replied to his complicity on the attack on Zhuo Ren. Now imagine if Zhuo Ren is Li Tian. If you can do this, you will now see Jimmy clearly. He doesn't care who he hurts or what damage he does. Look carefully. And then trace the history back to today.

Jimmy has a lot to answer for.

PS: My apologies to Sumant and family for any anguish that they have suffered as a result of this attack.

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