Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yeap Eng Chiam vs Yeoh Li Tian.

Eng Chiam vs Li Tian. Now that's a game I would like to see too.

Ref: Jimmy trying to Jedi mind trick us again. Here.

What Jimmy and friends fail to understand is that the entire chess community has voted. And we have voted to have SELECTION. No more handpicked players.

He also fails to understand that since he has now won the right to play at SEA games, every Malaysian chess player will cheer the team going even though it now has one IM less. That would not be the case if he had gone in from the back door. The chess community understands healthy competition.

Ratings are only accurate when it is current. And even then it is not a measure of fighting strength.

We are tired of Jimmy and friends telling us who they think the strongest junior is; how strong our IM's are. Your views are irrelevant. We want to see a good clean fight. And National Junior is the place for us to find that junior. Every junior has the right to fight for that honour and we want to see for ourselves in a clear selection process. So forget the side shows.

What Jimmy fails to see is that we are already the majority and he and his few friends are left in past. We all stood up to be counted at the selection call. We voted with our feet and money when we made this year's National Close the strongest and biggest ever. So stop trying your tricks Jimmy. Go back and play real chess. And we'll see what your true rating is.

Selection is the way forward and this is now the new reality. So deal with it Jimmy and friends.

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