Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's about decision making.

It's also about learning. No child has highly developed decision making skills. So they will all make mistakes. It is only when we examine the underlying reasons for those mistakes that we can see where the blockage is. And each child is different. So we need to talk, to discuss and to learn where the mistakes come from so there is progress.

Note: In finding the mistakes, I don't just mean the technical, going back to the lines. That is just a very small part of what went wrong. We want our players to learn how to handle the pressure and still make good decisions. Not run away and take the short cut simply because that is impossible to do if you still want to progress.

As their decision making skills increase they become stronger players. Note: The GM we have hired told us he asked a super GM this question. What is the difference between the super GM's and GMs? And he was told, decision making.

With regards to the chess community, we need to be able to discuss the issues too without being attacked by lies and slander. Asking for an investigation is not an accusation. An investigation helps us to make better decisions too. So we wont keep making the same mistakes over and over again. But Jimmy and friends want to keep the issues hidden, bury it. Again I ask. For what motive?


  1. There is someone saying now that Mark actually accepted the " win " from Sumant but was stopped bt Marcus.

  2. Dear Anonymous, I will accept this posting as that is a relevant point. I will answer to this in my next posting. Next time please use a name.