Saturday, November 13, 2010

What is a leader?

A true leader is a pathfinder. A person who stands up and say this is the way. And the followers follow the way to the promise land. A leader understands that if results are not in sight for too long and from false promises then the followers will get disillusioned and demotivated.

Lets look closer. From all the variables that lead to results and resolution, the leader will have considered more, understood more, see more. I have said that all current decisions are at best a guesstimate. So he needs more insights.

So we see the Visonary and the leader have this is common. They have more relevant dots joined. Only that the Visionary sees more.

What is strategy? Do you agree that with correct strategy we can out think our opponent? Does it follow that superior strategy consider more variables? Correct ones I mean.

These are the same skill set for the strong chess player? For our GM? When he sits in front of the board, he is required to think like a leader; sometimes even a Visonary? He is required to become the pathfinder

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