Sunday, November 21, 2010

The nature of opportunity

Chess shows us that opportunity has a unique nature. It operates in windows. It's creation has something to do with conflict management and to seize it has to do with change management. Opportunities can be created but when it presents itself you must first recognise that the window is open and then you must have the courage to step through it.

This is the same for all of life's endeavours and in business. Seize the opportunity before the window closes.

In chess there is a concept called sensing the tempo or recognising the critical phases of the game. This concept is synergistic with the idea of being in the moment. Your best chance of recognising opportunity is when you are in the moment. The enemy of the moment is the chatter, the noise in your head. Your imagined fears operate in the past or in the future from projections. It prevents you from being in the moment, the present. Read this again if you havent already. Here.

All my best in your chess development.

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