Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The dreaded postmortem

It is apparent that if we do not learn from our past mistakes we cannot progress. And yet we are unable to do a proper postmortem. We have a pathological fear of it. Let me try to examine why. When we do a postmortem we focus on where we need to improve. Another way to look at this is where we went wrong.

Now considering we have not had any success apart from the U12 for a long time now and we have experienced defeat after defeat, this is a big box to open. But if we dont open this box we cannot explore for solutions.

Looking at the experience of this blog and some private conversations, I also see we do not have the skills for constructive criticism. Any failing is blamed on somebody else and the attacks are relentless. Even to the point of fabricating lies to justify the attacks.

I have been asked, why do I bring up the negatives. My answer is this. To improve we need to look at what we are not doing right. We will not get anywhere if we keep talking about what we are doing right. The evidence is conclusive. We are stuck or maybe even going backwards relative to everyone else. So the need is to see why we are stuck.

Perhaps the difference is the motive. I ask these questions so we may improve and not to tear down. We need to create the space for this self analysis, for this postmortem. And we need to do this constructively. Then we can see improvement. But we also need this space to be safe for participation. Let us look at how we can improve rather than pointing our fingers at this person or that as if we are blameless ourselves. If the intent is to improve then it makes sense to sit down together. But if it is to tear down, then a postmortem will not achieve anything.

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