Thursday, November 25, 2010

The truth about MCF's pledge

Dont you think it sounds a little more responsible than that empty boast we made about bringing back a medal from Asian and made us all a laughing stock? We need to learn to walk first before we beat our chest and say we can fly?

We havent even got it together yet to do proper competitors analysis for International Tournaments. We cant even do a proper postmortem or all the funny going ons will come out in the open.

The fact that we do well until 12 is simply because the parents carry the burden of the training. The parents even pay for Coaches to accompany the juniors to tournaments. I think that is the limit of what parents can do. To do well after, to get the resources for Coaches to prepare competitors data etc. is beyond the resources of parents. From there the Federation must take over. Look at Singapore's model for an example. Or use it to compare with other models to get the best for us.

We are strong till they reach 12 and then they go downhill because MCF is not playing its part. The baton is passed at 12. From there on it requires team effort. The pledge below is something we would welcome from MCF. That would be a good start.

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