Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Reviewing Technical evaluation-Part 3

What Debono demonstrated is that all current decisions is at best a guesstimate. And the person with the best relevant big picture, ergo the best "joined dots" has the better perspective for resolution. This is where the difficulty lies for all decision makers. So we have the ancient chinese story of the General who went fishing in the middle of a war. And this is a huge topic.

At best, technical evaluation tells you why the building collapsed after the fact; how the war was lost. The major struggle is to see why you did not consider certain variables at the point of decision making. The major struggle is to find the correct thinking before the mistake is made.

That is really the game of chess, the lesson of chess. I see some blogs are saying that I am trying to put down technical. That is not the case if you read my writings. What I am saying is that our current understanding of chess in Malaysia is askewed. Somehow we have elevated technical to a status it does not deserve and is in fact wrong. Unless we rebalance the picture and get the proper perspective, we are not going to solve our current connundrum.

Look at the game of "go". There it maybe clearer that its a mind game. Technical chess just has a few more variables but not much more in the bigger scheme of things.

So I reiterate again. Once the player has been given the tools to evaluate, possibly around 12, then technical begins to recede in importance. To solve a problem we have to ask the right questions. The question should not be why has the building collapsed? The question should be how do I think so that I will put a building up that will not collapse. The question should be how do I think at the critical point of decision making so I do not lose in the game of chess or lose the war? And I have brought up imagined fears for consideration. The other question of course is why would such a request be so frightening to some?

Chess can provide the training to more and more complex thinking if we can train the players to understand their imagined fears. For once they can do that, they can free the mind for more complex matters without self sabotage.

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