Sunday, November 7, 2010

Reviewing Technical evaluation-Part 1

As in all arguments we have to review the underlying assumptions that forms a conclusion. So the first part of this argument will be to revisit emotions.

Do you know anyone who keeps changing their minds about a situation depending on the mood they are in? One of the criteria in determining clinical depression is wild mood swings. Yes, depressives are not depressed all the time. They also exhibit episodes of extreme elation. They are divorced from reality.

In chess we can see evidence of this. When you are negative, you cannot see possibilities. When you are exuberant you underestimate the possible fight back. So if we examine the evidence we will see that our best chances can only come when the mind is still. That we need the tools of developed judgement, understanding and advanced thinking skills. For that is the true test of chess. And that is how chess can aid you in your life skills too.

Emotions are illusive and can lead us astray, so the major struggle in the game of chess is to still the mind. Is that the way you are going? Go back and look for the bloggers who understand this. If even this cannot be understood despite all the evidence, what do you think is the real level of their understanding? They will soon hit a ceiling, if they have not already, that they cannot cross. In my next few postings I will also show that they do not even realise the limits of technical evaluation.

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