Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wed. after lunch musings

I have been told by various chess personalities about their prowess in understanding the strategies culled from Romance of the 3 kingdoms, Sun Tsu Art of War etc.

I quietly wonder who they are applying those skills to. Is it to their team members, their partners or to the "enemy"?

When you are trying to build a team or find synergy with partners, what skills would you need?

Is it possible that we are misapplying the lessons? Are those skills that build or are they skills to destroy? What do we need now?


  1. It's fun reading and sharing knowledges. I still remember when I employed some Sun Tzu's Art of war in my game. Like cut supplies, reinforcement, etc. Normally against my opponents. There is still much more for me to learn, coz u know, normally working people doesn't have the time for chess often...

  2. There are other aspects too like morale of soldiers etc. Too bad those lessons are often missed.

  3. Well, yeah...Morale too...Never give up...One is never considered to be lost until it is confirmed checkmate or zugzwang...

  4. Yes. I see Li Tians attitude and fighting spirit as something we all can learn from. I have written on it in this blog.