Monday, November 22, 2010

What are the right questions?

It doesnt look like we are coming back with medals from Asian despite our boast that Malaysian players can take on International champions. So we feel embarassed and let down. The game that we all love is made a laughing stock yet again. As a community we have spent many years in defeat after defeat. What would it take to see Malaysia as a front runner in an International competition? We have the talent. Our kids have shown us this.

It doesnt have to be this way. I am sure our officials in MCF would like to bring back the medals for us. I am sure we would all want to celebrate a Malaysian victory of note. In this desire we have unity of purpose.

A good start in my opinion is to leave behind our past baggage. Stop pointing the finger and look hard at what we have now. And plan from there.

We need to consider that our officials need to survive too and so we need a model where they can be fairly compensated for their efforts.

We need to aim for one goal that is achievable and we need to start early.

We need to pull together our resources and work as a team.

What else do you think we need? What do you think are the right questions? I will open this post for contructive comments. Please do not use this as an opportunity to attack someone. Lets try this again. We are looking for solutions not more drama. Offensive, out of point comments will be deleted.

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