Friday, November 5, 2010

First GM Chess Academy -Proposal

Engaging MCF currently looks and sounds like this. Here. Decisions are changed without rhyme or reason, goal posts are moved, sabotage from the dark. In short a lot of drama and noise going nowhere. I said there are positive changes and that should be supported but there is still doubt in my mind if some of it is just window dressing or a genuine attempt for results and success.

Nevertheless I think the best way forward for First GM is to disengage from that noise. If not it will drain us of our resources and energy and we will not have any traction. We need to work with people who can work, can learn and improve. Look at our vision and philosophy which I stated at the formation of First GM. Here. We have not changed or deviated from that. We made our decision from the onset. And we mean what we say.

Any enterprise need the right team with the right skill sets. And so this initial proposal is to see if that team can be formed. If all the ingredients are there, we will move forward again. I have always said the team does not need to be large but it needs to be right; I often use Yahoo as an example, 4 people working in synergy from a garage. A wrong partner can irreversibly set the enterprise back.

So we are looking for investors, sponsors and technical support. Please write to me in confidence and we will make the decision to move forward once the right team is assembled.

Chess is too important at this juncture of our history to just leave it to chance that something will happen. We cannot afford to just continue to sit down and hope another "savior" will come. We need to take action.

Hopefully by producing results we will strengthen the positive forces in MCF and embolden them to push forward for significant change. Till then, arms length is the better approach. I believe this is the best solution we have for now.

To facilitate this, I will be available as a speaker to those who have more questions on mind coaching etc. Write me here expressing your interests. All correspondence will be kept in strictest confidence.

Thank you for your time.

PS: Please forward this post to anyone you think maybe the right person for this venture. Thanks again.

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