Monday, November 15, 2010


There is a natural synergy between Chess and Business. We have what business need and yet we cannot get genuine long term sponsors. Why?

Look at the type of people business cry out for daily. Strong thinkers, creative thinkers, team players, decision makers etc. etc.

Now look at the type of players that our chess is producing. They come in full of promise and then after 12 they start to fade. I have heard all the "reasons" given to explain why. Asians focus on studies etc. etc. Is this really true? Dont look to one or two examples. Look at the general trend. Have they become stronger thinkers as a result of having played chess? What did they learn from chess? Any positive life lessons that they can take with them?

Business is not going to align themselves with us. They are in the real world where they have to compete and win. We have to find our alignment with business to synergise. We have to show them how the lessons from chess can help them. They have the money. But what would Business see now when they look at Malaysian chess?

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