Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Birthday Mantra

My birthday was yesterday. No big thing. Just turned 16. But had a thought, contributed from an Anon who's comment I deleted.

As far as I know, we rejected Communism in this Country. So we are a Capitalist Country. I hope there is no dispute there. But in chess, some of us at least, have replaced Capitalism with Fatalism.

It's OK to sit down and beg for money from anyone. It's not OK to go out and work for the money by coming out with new ideas to increase revenue for development in the chess community. It's OK for the corporations to make money from us. But it's not OK for members of the chess community to make that same money.

On a bigger perspective, it's OK for the Mat Salleh's to make money from us. It's not OK for us to make money from them.

So my new mantra is, I love money. I love money. I love money. :)

Really, there is nothing wrong with making money. So long as you do not lie and cheat and stab others in the back for it.

Strange but true.


  1. Not too late I guess to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The same month as me he he he .. If you just turned 16, maybe I just turned 10 LOL .. no heart feeling eh Raymond, just kidding ...

  2. Happy Birthday.. and congrats for the efforts to take chess into higher level in Malaysia..

    most of the people who keep critisizing if one were to make money from chess is the one who dont understand (or simply dont want to understand the basic concept of life:

    Money is not everything... but EVERYTHING needs Money...:)..

    I hope there would be more like chess academy like First GM, Cerdik Catur Ent, Excell Chess and etc.. if we want people to treat chess as professional sport then we need professional support...:) and professional support surely not free one...:)

    By the way.. congrats for securing the sponsorship with Air Asia... Hopefully " Now Everybody Will Play Chess"..:)

  3. Thanks guys. No hard feelings between friends, Salleh. On bad bishop's point, yes, I wish all our Academies do well. They are needed to bring in professional services and they are not free or cheap. How to get GM, if no money?

    And I also agree, money is not everything. Cannot buy happiness, cannot buy satisfaction for a job well done, cannot buy friends etc.

    But can buy services. And we need that.

  4. Gordon Gekko used to day "Greed is good"
    Greed for knowledge, for love, for money is all actually good. It help human to do better, cheaper, improvise etc.

    Don't worry SW. Nothin' wrong to love that very capital that create capitalism.


  5. MCF should conduct centralised training for the Malaysian contigent and not private members to train the players with RM1K!!!!! What is MCF's function? Hope the parents would object the money making plan.

  6. Happy Birthday Mr. Raymond,
    Thanks for your arrangement, but my kids can't join due to MSSM.
    For last year WYCC, i believe the kids results can be better if they can get GM advise. That time Nabila and Amier almost close to top 3.
    For the WYCC trip we spend around 7K per person, if extra 1K can get GM help i think is OK.

  7. Why we should pay 1K if we are representing MALAYSIA? What is MCF doing for the Malaysia players? How is the OCM supporting MCF? MCF is a registered body under OCM which have president, Vice president's, honorary secretary,treasurer and committee members......what are they doing for the Malaysia chess players? PCA and PICA are better than others.MCF are making major mistake by working together with FirstGm......MCF should work with PICA or PCA instead.

  8. Just got back from Selangor open. To anon who went to WYCC, actually it's not 1k extra. The package actually works out cheaper. To the other 2 anons, I think PCA is a good Association but good luck to you if you go near PICA. Other than that I really dont know what to say. You obviously dont read and refuse to look at evidence.

  9. Everyone involved in chess for their own reasons.
    Chess cannot be improve overnight. To all fairness, I would like to hear from the IM and GM their opinions on your training program. How
    much can they improve on the players performance.You deserve to charge a fees if you
    can assure to improved the players performance.

  10. YES. I truly support and agree with anons comment. Chess is long term training. Its not as simple as 1+1=2.
    RM1K is too much for the 3 days training. Furthermore, the ticket are given free by AIRASIA. The charges must be reasonable and must be fair for the betterment of the chess players.
    private companies should not take advantage on this situations.
    Anyway, i also agree with other anons which mention that MCF should shoulder the responsible for the centralised training for the Malaysian players.
    Hope MCF will look into it seriously.
    Bloggers or private companies should consider conducting long term training or tournaments to earn some extra income.Its nothing wrong to get profit from the organized tournaments .

  11. :) It always amazes me the differing opinions out there. But there is a saying "one must first walk a mile in the others shoes". Try it, try to make a difference. Go out there and try to change something. After that reflect on your opinions again. After you have learned the facts.

  12. I believe the chess community would not dispute
    the strength and capability of your team to get
    sponsors.To earn a fees from the expertise of your team to get sponsorship is also fine.
    But, try to organize and charge a fees for group training prior to tournament with the intention of improving the players game would be dangerous. It would be assuring if your team of trainers ( GM,IM & Local Trainers )able to commend.

  13. In everything I do, my first question is, is this an improvement from the past. If it is, then move forward. If not then dont do. I am more concerned about the participants since this is our first attempt.

    Also, if I may add, dont use the word chess community. You are one person. So speak for yourself in future.

    The problem with this dialogue is there are people who thinks Air Asia should do this or do that, MCF should do this or do that, First GM should do this or do that. I believe in the real world you can think what you want but we will all do what we individually think is best.
    Try to relate this to chess. I think you'll be clearer then.It's all about continuous improvement and learning. Think on this.

    All my best.