Sunday, May 2, 2010

Latest on Asean training program.

Hi guys

Just got back from Selangor Open. Please go to the MCF blog here.

Basically it says that Asean is now open to players other then the top 4 at NAG. But you need to apply to MCF.

However there is also an urgent note. We need to confirm with Air Asia by Tuesday because the travel date is during the peak period. So we need confirmed numbers.

Please read the proposal that was given out during the meeting at Datcc here.


  1. Hi Raymond...thanks for the info on the new MCF guidelines for Malaysia selection. Hope my son will represent Malaysia since he is not in top 4 in the 2010NAG.Anyhow, i'll apply officially to MCF on this matter.By the way, what happen if there is not enough 10 players for the training programme? will training cancel? what about the 40 tickets given by AIRASIA? lets say, 5 players and 5 parents going to Subic, will everyone entitle to get the free ticket without attending the training programme? sorry for the many questions raised to u.

  2. One player who attends the training is entitled to one accompanying parent. I think we have the minimum 10, so the training should go on. However you need to confirm with First GM first by Tuesday by paying the 1K. So I suggest you follow up your application by phoning Greg of MCF. If he can give you a verbal confirmation then pay the money into the First GM Chess Academy. The Bank details is on the link above. If you have any further questions please email me on the email on the RHS. In the very unlikely event that the training does not take off, we will make a full refund to you.