Monday, April 26, 2010

Details of First GM offer to Asean Players

Note: First GM is provided with about 40 Air Tickets from Air Asia to fund our training.

If there are at least 10 players who undertake the training, we will charge them a sum of RM1K for the training. This sum is not fixed, if the numbers are greater we will reduce the price.

However we will also provide the players with Air Asia tickets to Subic Bay for undergoing the training at no extra cost to them (pls note, this is not inclusive of airport tax or baggage).

On top of this, we will also provide the parents who's children undertake the training also with the sponsored air tickets, providing we have not crossed the 40 number.

This is the outline of the training program. We will finalise the details if there are at least 10 players. We will make this decision on the 1st May.

Friday, 28th May
Morning session. Train the trainer. Here GM Giaur Rahman will train our local trainers on how to help our players develop their opening repertoire. ie the road map. Following that he will oversee, guide and supervise the trainers over the remaining sessions.

Afternoon. Players training.

Saturday, 29th May
Training of players.

Sunday, 30th May
Training and close of camp.

Currently these are the trainers under consideration for development
under the First GM train the trainer course.

Head Trainer:
GM Giaur Rahman

IM Lim Yee Weng
Loo Swee Leong (Head Coach, Penang)
Uztaz Rahman (chief trainer, First GM)
Greg Lau
Jax Tham.

Other trainers can be considered on application.

Important note: First GM has been informed that MCF is issuing new travel guidelines and we do not know how this will impact on our discussions with Air Asia to date. We are seeking urgent clarification and a meeting with MCF.

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