Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Air Asia sponsors First GM training for Asean players

Good news.

We finally have it in writing. Air Asia will sponsor the Asean Training after seeing our training proposal. I want to thank Najib Wahab here for working with me to structure the training program as well as acknowledge the contribution of Adzlin, our National Events Coordinator, who contacted Tony Fernandez, while on a very busy schedule in Bosnia.

We then followed up with our training proposal and Air Asia replied and said that they would support the training by providing up to 20 Air tickets for players that want to undertake the training. They also said that they will try to get special air fares for the adults going for Asean. However the travel period is peak and we need the names asap.

We have spoken to the Secretary of MCF to have a special meeting between all of us to go over the details. The Secretary has agreed to having a meeting on the 29th April but have yet to confirm the time.

I will get back to you once that has been finalised. I will also post updates from time to time on this blog. It is First GM's hope that we will have a well trained team for Asean and come back with something good in our hands.

I realise that this is a new working model but it is our sincere believe that this model will produce results. And finally thank you MCF for your cooperation.


  1. so mean that this 20 players will not take part in mssm??

  2. Yes. They will now be representing the Country. It's a big thing. Even in school they are now asking Mark all about it and getting the coco teacher to help him get the points for possible scholarship. It's the next level. Play for Country.


  4. Besides the free air ticket, how much it will cost for the whole trip for player?

    Last but noy least, will First GM provide the said training in Klang Valley or where?

  5. The training will be in Klang valley. As for the details of the deal, MCF is calling for a meeting. It will be up on the MCF blog soon.

  6. I'm so happy to see a big jump in junior development at national level. It's a good thing PICA kicked you out. It's their loss but a big gain for others.

  7. Thank you. We will do our best. But I would still like to clear my name.