Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What is effective thinking?

Thinking that will change things, some call it strategic thinking. In all matters there are certain parameters that MUST be considered if we are to get results. So in chess, I argued that those parameters are ourselves, our opponents, the board and time.

Some of those aspects are hard to look at. Very hard. But look at it we must if we want a direction, if we want results.

What I see in many of our thinking, mine included, is that we try to blank out the hard parts, the difficult parts in our consideration. That will already askew our thinking, our reasoning.

But even more destructive is when we add our imagined fears to the equation. Now imagined fears are imagined. They do not exist. Real fears are like when someone is coming at you with a knife. That is REAL. And you cannot imagine it away. Like you cannot imagine away that we have been stuck for 40 years. That is real.

Now the problem with imagined fears is that there is no limit to the amount of fears that can be conjured up. So nobody apart from that person himself can deal with that. It can only end when that person stops conjuring up, out of thin air, imagined fears and look at the facts.

On this blog, you have seen people coming up with imagined figures, 30% addition to cost etc. This is pure imagination.

They have read, deleted the parts they do not want to see ie the benefits, add new parts ie 30% addition to cost and walla, an imagined counter argument.

Strange but true.

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