Friday, April 23, 2010

The First GM offer in a nutshell

There are 2 separate offers on the table. Parents and players can choose either one.

First GM's offer includes training and we believe at a lower overall price. But this can depend on the numbers who are going. Puan Adzlin is continuing to talk to Air Asia and trying to come up with an even better offer. All will be revealed on the 1st of May.

Why has First GM chosen to make the offer for Asean?

1. Because Air Asia is supporting the training for Asean.

2. We believe that the training will increase our chances of bringing back a medal.

3. We are laying down the foundation of working with MCF as a step to helping establish training as a norm for International Tournaments and will do all we can in that direction.

4. We would like to see our local trainers benefit from GM Giaur Rahman's knowledge.

The details will be given to the participants on the 1st May. See you there.

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