Friday, April 16, 2010

First GM offers training to Asean players.

First GM is working together with MCF and Najib Wahab of CS Solutions to offer training to all the players going to Asean. First GM is also working hard to bring value to the parents and officials. See Below.

This announcement is slightly premature but we felt that we needed to get the word out there to those that are considering going for Asean as the dateline ends on April 30th.

This Is How It Works.

What we have so far.

We have an undertaking by Tony Fernandes of Air Asia to assist by providing the air tickets.

We have the undertaking of MCF and Najib Wahab to assist and facilitate the undertaking of this training.

The mechanics is as follows.

Air Asia is to sponsor the training via First GM in lieu of air tickets. Although we have yet to finalise the details this is what we hope to achieve.

Let me use the example of double sharing in terms of cost. Under the original offer, players are to pay RM4615 and accompanying parents RM4040. The budget for Air fare is RM1500.

First GM will attempt to get the free tickets (in lieu of training) for not only the players but for parents and accompanying coaches and officials.

This way the costs for players remain at RM4615 but with training by GM Giaur Rahman.
We hope to reduce the cost to parents as well as any savings offered by Air Asia in terms of air ticket will be deducted directly. If free then cost to parents will be now be reduced to RM2540 for example.

There is more. In line with our corporate Philosophy and Vision of getting the First GM with integrity and transparency, we have offered to open our books for inspection by MCF. First GM will make a profit from the venture by making a reasonable 30% from its efforts.

We have estimated that this program can run on a shoe string if there are 10 players. Monies collected in lieu of Air Tickets from a larger number of players will be used in the following manner.

1. We would like to send at least a Coach to accompany our players at Subic Bay.

2. We want to have an expanded training program.

This is the wish list program we want to offer.

Friday, 28th May
Morning session. Train the trainer. Here GM Giaur Rahman will train our local trainers on how to help our players develop their opening repertoire. ie the road map. Following that he will oversee, guide and supervise the trainers over the remaining sessions.

Afternoon. Players training.

Saturday, 29th May
Training of players.

Sunday, 30th May
Training and close of camp.

Currently these are the trainers under consideration for development under the First GM train the trainer course.

Head Trainer:
GM Giaur Rahman

IM Lim Yee Weng
Loo Swee Leong (Head Coach, Penang)
Uztaz Rahman (chief trainer, First GM)
Greg Lau
Jax Tham.

Other trainers can be considered on application.

It is our hope that GM Giaur Rahman can assist Malaysians in the longer term by transferring his knowledge to our local trainers in line with our goals. It is also First GM's hope to bring value to Malaysain chess by providing solutions to our National dream of the First GM from Malaysia irregardless of which Academy that GM comes from. We intend to work in joint collaboration with any entity in the sprit of healthy competition and shared values.


  1. RM 1,500 for air ticket, on a high side. A quick check with AA website a min ago it costs RM 560 return excl. airport taxes, baggage, convenience fee, makan. If at all these add up is less than RM 750. So, where the remaining RM 750 goes to First GM or MCF......

  2. According to your plan, parents who wish to have their kid send via First GM actually still pay the same amount quoted by whoever in MCF, hmmm ...... MCF should revise the airfare accordingly so that parent who wish to send their children can pay lesser for the child who do not wish to attend training. Btw, First GM seems to have the authorisation from MCF. I doubt so. No one should pocket the extra from hilarious airfare quote. If want to build RM 500, RM 750 or RM 1,000 per child training, then build it in Black N White. Transparency, right?

  3. Thank you for your diligence and question. The figures quoted by MCF is based on MAS estimates I believe. This was done before First GM structured it's proposal. The proposal is on a willing buyer willing seller basis. No one is forced to take our proposal. At the right time we will call for a meeting together with MCF where all the details will be revealed. We are still in the midst of discussions and not all are finalised yet. This is merely a heads up. The parents can make up their minds when the final proposal is completed.

    But I do find it a little strange, if you don't mind me saying, that you doubt that we have an agreement with MCF? Is this some imagined point that you want to inject in?

  4. I wana comment oso, jsut not sure, why rm4k + , I thaught all in USD USD around 3.25 , why charge those representatives still 3.80?

  5. My friend, there seems to be some confusion here. Let us try to get some clarity. Firstly MCF and First GM are 2 separate entities with 2 different goals and aims. We enter into collaboration when we see value in it. First GM is a business organisation and MCF is an NGO.

    In this scenario, MCF made an offer first to the players. First GM then looked at it and thought we may be able to add value from our contacts and experience. We then make a proposal which MCF thinks make sense and beneficial. So it is offered to the parents and players as a choice. So you need to direct the right questions to the right party. Some of your questions can only be answered by MCF. I am not party to any MCF internal decisions. In other words I do not know the answer to your question. I hope this helps to clarify.

  6. Where can I get MCF costing for players who wish to go to Asean? If you have a copy, can you put up at your website for me to download?

  7. I am sorry but I can't. All offers are individually addressed. But to allay your concerns let me just say this. When First GM makes a proposal, we must be confident we can add value to the original offer. In this case we believe we can offer more for the same price, and a high possibility that we can offer more for a lower price. Academies can do this because we are specialised entities with our own corporate contacts. At the end of the day the offer is made with the details and the parents shown the benefits to enable them to make their decisions. All my best.

  8. Is MCF backing this? Or is this your great idea with no backing from anyone big? And does Tony Fernandes know who you are or you just tembak? I worry about people like you when you are only in for your son. Then after your son finishes school, you will disappear into thin air.

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  10. To the anonymous above Mr Lonely,

    Why are you so worried and negative? This is a First GM project. The evidence will be presented. No one is asked to make a decision without the facts. When you play chess, have you ever lost in your mind before the evidence is presented on the board because of imagined fears?

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  12. There is no money in chess and for international game, the player will have to pay
    higher cost to cover the accompany officers.

  13. You really need to address this with MCF. First GM can only look at the MCF offer and see if we can help. In other words we can only make decisions in our control.