Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mental resistance to learning

When I used to practice as a coach, I fairly often come across cases where I deem someone "unteachable". Or at least by me. Don't get me wrong, all are intelligent but some are just unteachable without draining me totally of energy. After completing my work on the inner child, I had a deeper realisation that those cases spent most of their energy on what I called either "intelligent or emotional traps". In short they either apply their intelligence to blaming or making excuses or they have reached a stage where they are so fear and anxiety bound that they will grab on to any distorted reasoning to keep themselves in that state.

This problem becomes apparent when goals are set and compounded when timelines are given.

When I discovered chess, I realised that chess is an ideal self learning tool. For chess can help us realise that the same thought processes in the game are the very same ones that limit us in life.

You can pick up chess to the level that you are comfortable with and at your own pace. With some guidance, this can now be a self learning tool for life. And its fun too.

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